Window Installation

Whether a project involves a casement or double hung tilt window installation, Ajax homeowners can trust the service to our company. Don’t you want masters of windows on the job? Excellent quality? The best customer service in town? With Ajax Windows & Doors, any stress and anxiety involved in such jobs vanishes into thin air. You’ll see! You’ll feel it the moment you get in contact with us. How can you do that? You can either call or send us a brief message. And put your mind at rest. Whether this is a new construction or a replacement window installation service in Ajax, Ontario, we’ve got you fully covered. Let us tell you how.

Is this a new window installation in Ajax?

Window Installation Ajax

It sounds like this is a new home – or about to be. You surely want the very best in Ajax window installation company for this project! Don’t you? Be happy. You just found the number one company for the installation of windows in Ajax. You simply tell us what you need, what you dream of, if you need our help choosing windows. We surely send pros to measure, help you with all that, answer your questions. That’s the right way of commencing such projects and will also help us give you a more accurate estimate. So, are you planning a window installation Ajax project?

Need a replacement window installed?

Chances are also high that this is a replacement window installation service! If the condition of the windows at your existing home is not good, you may consider their replacement. Now, do you need just the window replaced or all its parts, like the seal, the frame, and the sill? Since it’s difficult to assess the condition of such components, we always send a pro. The whole point of getting new windows is to change everything for the better – your convenience, the home security level, the energy efficiency.

Then again, you may want a window replaced due to sudden damage or condensation. Count on our speedy response and the excellent way windows of all types are removed and installed. Should we go into further details? Call us.

Wondering why choose us as your window installers?

Let us ask you this: Don’t you want skilled window installers on your job? Whether this is a new install or remodel, it’s important that the window is set up to a T. Anything less than that would compromise everything you dream of – the thermal insulation, the security, the isolation of external noises.

In our company, we specialize in windows of all types and offer tailored solutions. You can turn to us for a patio door installation or the installation of multiple windows and be sure that the job is offered on time, the cost is reasonable, the results are above your expectations. Is there a reason why would you want to settle for anything less? Why don’t you share your current needs with us and let us handle your window installation in Ajax?