Sliding Glass Door

Anywhere across Ajax, sliding glass door services are provided fast by experienced pros. What should you do now or any other time you may need service? That’s easy. You only need to contact Ajax Windows & Doors. Whether you prefer to call or message us, a pro will shortly be with you.

What service can you book for sliding glass doors in your Ajax home in Ontario? Anything needed, from repairs and replacements to new installations. Let’s talk about services.

Quality sliding glass door & Ajax installation

Sliding Glass Door Ajax

Our company is experienced with and available for sliding glass door installation services in Ajax. The projects that may involve the installation of one or more sliding glass doors are not all the same. One might want a sliding glass door replaced. Another customer may remodel and thus, need a few sliding glass doors changed. Then again, this may be a new home for which you want interior glass sliding doors or sliding glass patio doors.

It goes without saying that your current request may also be urgent. If a sliding glass door is seriously damaged, it must be replaced quickly. Right?

You can trust our team despite the project. On all occasions, we appoint experts to measure, offer solutions, listen to your specific needs, and provide an estimate for the service. Since getting a consultation and estimate doesn’t cost anything and doesn’t involve any obligation, make an appointment today.

Need new sliding patio doors? Want a sliding interior glass door installed?

We are experienced with sliding glass doors – all types and styles. And we provide options to those who seek patio doors and to those who seek interior doors.

  •          Inside the house, you may want a barn door. Or French sliding doors with or without decorations.
  •          When it comes to patio doors, things are more complicated. Our goal is to provide solutions to ensure the best possible thermal efficiency, easy operation, high security, and longevity. And we do so, based on your needs.

Sliding glass doors differ not only in terms of material and glazing but also style. They may be telescopic, accordion, pocket, bi-folding, or bypass sliding glass doors. And whichever type you choose, you can be certain of the flawless way they are installed.

Time for sliding glass door repair? The glass broke?

There’s also a chance that you are faced with problems. Be sure that whatever is wrong with your sliding glass door, Ajax techs will take care of it in a heartbeat. Is your patio door not locking? Is your patio bypass door not opening all the way? Got troubles with a panel of a telescopic patio door? Is your interior sliding glass door jammed?

Problems may happen and the need to replace a sliding glass door may also arise. But in spite of what you may need, you can always count on us for the required service. Feel free to contact us for quotes, more information, and any service you may need for a sliding glass door in Ajax.