Glass Doors

Enjoy the unobstructed views of glass doors in Ajax, Ontario, by investing in quality. It takes one call to our company to get solutions for your local property, whether for interior or exterior applications. Glass sliding or French doors serve equally well indoors and as the separating structural element between the outside and the inside – in other words, as patio doors. Of course, choosing a glass door for interior and exterior use is not the same. But you shouldn’t worry about all these things. Not with Ajax Windows & Doors standing just around the corner.

Quality glass doors in Ajax – many choices for all projects

Glass Doors Ajax

If you have decided to get glass doors, Ajax’s best team is at your service. Let us ask you this: do you want an old glass door replaced? Or planning the installation of glass doors at a new place? In short, our team is available for all projects. Whether you need glass doors replaced or installed for the first time, let’s talk.

Although there are some differences among projects, the way the glass door installation is done is what matters the most, at the end of the day. Naturally, it’s also important that you get the right frame, the correct components, the glazing panes you need to have sufficient energy performance and good operation for years. And it is the sum of all these things which makes our team the best choice for all glass door installation Ajax projects.

Framing and glazing options for glass door installations

What you can get when you turn to us? French and sliding glass door options, whether for the patio or the interior. Both the frame and the glass are vital components, which dictate the energy efficiency of the product – and by extension, of the home. Rest assured. Our company offers solutions among frame materials and glazing panes. Do you want an interior door with a single glass pane? Are we talking about patio doors and thus a need to get double or triple glazing panes? No worries. There are solutions for all applications, requirements, and expectations.

And whichever glass door you choose, it is installed in a proficient manner. After all, all glass door installers have huge experience in such projects.

The French/sliding glass door installation specialists who go above & beyond

What we do first is send a pro to examine the building, the location – all things. The success of a project, which involves a French or sliding glass door installation, starts on day one. No wonder we give gravity to all things – from the climate and the security requirements to possible privacy considerations and space limitations. And we do these things from the start while at the same time we offer a free estimate and consultation so that you will know where you are standing. As far as our team, products, and services are concerned, you’ll know exactly where you are standing from the very beginning. Quality comes first and everything follows. See for yourself by reaching us if you are interested in getting for your place in Ajax glass doors.