Door Replacement

Looking to find a front door replacement, Ajax experts in patio doors, some door solutions for the interior? Let our team be of service to you. We offer any door you like and deliver quickly. It goes without saying that the new door is installed by skilled technicians and the old door is removed with caution.

When you turn to Ajax Windows & Doors, expect excellence and quality on all levels – customer service, products, consultation, measurements, and door removal and installation. If you want a door replaced in Ajax, Ontario, our team is your team.

Door replacement Ajax solutions

Door Replacement Ajax

If it’s time to get a door replacement in Ajax, talk with our team. Such decisions are usually taken when a door is damaged, broken, rotten, warped. Of course, this may be an attempt to improve or change the home aesthetics. Or, you may want to get rid of the old and hollow front door and get a new, stronger one. Whatever your reasons for seeking a door replacement, Ajax’s most experienced team in such projects is at your service.

Door replacement choices to suit all needs

Let us put your mind at ease by saying that our door replacement company provides solutions and options to meet all needs and tastes. The new door must match your style, be strong enough to protect, have the features you expect – meet your needs. Are we talking about an exterior door? In this case, it must be particularly durable, energy-efficient, and resistant to the elements too. Doors may be large, narrow, small, made of any material, ornate or flush, single or double – just name it. And so, we are ready to offer any home door replacement – solutions to commercial customers too.

  •          Glass patio doors
  •          Sliding glass doors
  •          French doors
  •          Wooden pocket doors
  •          Front doors
  •          Screen doors

Top door replacement service, from start to finish

There are no boundaries when it comes to the style, size, design, material, and color of the door apart from those imposed by the structure. No wonder we focus on such factors first. A pro comes to measure – hence, define the right door size. To also examine the space around the door to suggest the best opening solutions and ensure that there will be no obstructions. To see what you need in regard to aesthetics too. To inspect the structure for possible particular features or problems. To also check if all components of the existing door must go too or not. You get the picture. All steps needed to be taken from the start to ensure you get the right door on all levels are taken.

Of course, the door replacement service is performed by techs with great skills, field experience, and full knowledge. No wonder the job is seamlessly done. So, let nothing worry you. Just make contact with our team, saying that you look for a door replacement in Ajax and see how everything falls into place in a nice and easy way.